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Technical competence and equipment for online learning

In order to implement distance learning, one must verify whether students/course participants have the required technical equipment. Depending on the chosen tool, students/participants will need: a computer with speakers, a microphone, a webcam; or a fully equipped tablet or mobile phone. Students/participants must also have the appropriate software installed and a quiet environment in which they will not be disturbed during the lessons.

To facilitate the online learning process, students/participants should have some competencies in advance. It is particularly important to have previous experience with the tool used, responsible behaviour (non-disclosure of personal data and passwords), and to not burden the systems by uploading large files. We recommend performing a test a few days before the lesson.

If Charles University students do not have the appropriate technical equipment (e.g. a laptop with a video camera, microphone, speakers, and an internet connection), they may contact the Carolina Centre at centrumcarolina@cuni.cz (However, the capacity of the Carolina Centre is limited).

Loss of connection during a course

In the event of a loss of connection or technical difficulties that cause a course to be interrupted, the instructor must first try to re-establish contact with the student/participant. If the course is definitively interrupted for technical reasons, it is in the competence of the instructor to determine whether or not an alternative date for the lesson will be scheduled (e.g. if the course was almost over or if the course was interrupted at the beginning). If the lesson was not based on interaction, then the loss of connection can be partially compensated for by the instructor publishing a recording of the lesson (e.g. by uploading a video on Youtube.com or Vimeo.com and providing a link in the Moodle course).

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