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FAQFrequently asked questions

Do distance exams count towards the minimum number of terms offered by the faculty?
Yes. In accordance with Article 8, paragraph 14 of the Code of Study and Examination of Charles University, the number of announced terms must be proportionate to the number of students and must not be less than three. It is up to the student how to schedule the exams.
How are unsuccessful attempts counted in the case of distance assessment for a course?
Unsuccessful attempts are counted in the standard manner, the same as in-person assessment. The number of corrective terms for fulfilling the assessment of a course, set out in the Rules for the Organization of Studies in accordance with Article 8, paragraph 7 of the Code of Study and Examination of Charles University, applies to distance and in-person altogether (not, for example, three attempts at distance and three attempts in person).
Is it possible to change the requirements for completing a course? Is it possible to change the rules for assessing a course?
Yes. It may happen, for example, that a written exam will be given instead of an oral exam or that more emphasis will be placed on continuous work during the semester (reading, homework, seminar work, presentations). The difficulty of completing courses should remain the same and correspond to the number of credits.
Should the manner of completing a course (the form of assessing a course) be kept the same according to the accreditation?
Yes. If the accreditation specifies that a course must end with an exam, then this is how it should be done. This also applies to other forms of assessing a course.