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Edinburgh – Practice sharing around teaching and learning at Edinburgh

Our Teaching Matters blog site ( has been running since 2016 and publishes several blogs each week where staff (and students) share experience and ideas around many different teaching and learning themes.  This includes blogs reflecting on the experience of moving to hybrid teaching and increased emphasis on online teaching and learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Although its primary intended audience is colleagues in Edinburgh it is an open website and we hope some of the content is of interest to colleagues beyond Edinburgh.

As we began to plan for the move to hybrid teaching we set up a second blog site, the Edinburgh Hybrid Teaching Exchange (  This was intended to be an online space where the University community could share ideas, plans and experiences of this move to hybrid teaching.  While most of the content is open to all we have some content restricted to the University of Edinburgh (we wanted colleagues to share work in progress).   The site is constructed around a series of themes (including “Exploring Hybrid Teaching”, “Alternative Assessment” and “ Equality, Diversity & Inclusion”).

Hybrid Teaching – conceptual framework

We were fortunate in being able to draw upon the work of Sian and other colleagues to develop a conceptual framework for hybrid teaching.  This was outlined in her blog for the hybrid teaching exchange “What is Hybrid Teaching” –  These ideas were partly developed around the education programme of the Edinburgh Futures Institute ( that Sian leads, and influenced by the Near Future Teaching Project ( (final report –

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