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Specification for making and storing audio/video recording of state examinations

When recording a state exam, the output format[1] of the recording must be as follows:

For audio recordings in the form:
container: mp4
codec: mp4a-40-2 (AAC LC)
sampling frequency: 48000 Hz
number of channels: mono
bitrate: 128 kb/s
bitrate type: CBR

For video recordings in the form:
container: mp4
codec: H264 (isom/iso2/avc1/mp41)
resolution: 720×576
number of frames/s: 25
Colorspace: YUV
Bit depth: 8
bitrate: 1000 kbit/s
bitrate type: CBR

Of these parameters, the format and codec are binding. Other parameters are recommended and affect the quality and data size of the output file.

It will only be possible to upload files for storage in this format for a period of five years according to law as part of the student’s type file. After five years, the record will be destroyed as part of the shredding procedure.

Along with the tool in which the state exam is conducted, the OBS Studio tool will also be used to make a recording. The tool ensures a backup of the record in case of a crash of the platform used for testing (Adobe Connect, MS Teams …). In addition, it is possible to set the specific parameters of the recording mentioned above in the tool. With the correct settings, it will be possible to transfer the output record from OBS Studio directly to ESSS CU. The procedure of working with OBS Studio, as well as the instructions for transferring to ESSS CU, are regulated by a separate methodology. 

The faculty designates the person for saving the file in the student’s type file (typically an employee of the department, registrar’s office, etc.)

In the electronic file service system (ESSS CU), a separate component of the student’s type file was created “Documentation for distance exams”, where you can save recordings of state exams.

Together with this, an “emergencymodification of the Filing and Shredding Plan of CU was made:
File no. D/III/3
Subject group: Documentation for distance exams (type file component)
Shredding number and period: S/5

If a government authority requests the recording, this request is saved together with the video.

Should you have any problems saving the file to ESSS CU, you may contact the following person: josef.pisecky@ruk.cuni.cz

Should you have any problems with converting the video, you may first contact your local IT support. Problematic issues relating to conversion may be consulted at the following address: andrej.farkas@ruk.cuni.cz

The maximum size of the saved file is 1.5 GB.

Due to the fact that the record contains a lot of biometric data, more permanent storage on employees’ devices is not allowed. Storage will be provided only through ESSS CU. If you have any questions about the protection of personal data, please contact: gdpr@cuni.cz

In SIS, the (non-mandatory) option to insert a link will be added to the record of the state final examination, on which it will also be possible to download the record saved to ESSS CU.

To ensure compatibility, technical support, and regulatory compliance, it is recommended that you primarily use Adobe Connect and Microsoft Teams for recording state exams.

[1] The file with the output format is the file that will be saved in ESSS CU.

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